Dr. Lovepreet kaur Randhawa after successfully completing her professional studies(DHMS) and securing 8th position in Punjab Council of homeopathy in 1997, she started a Homeopathic Hospital, based on real teachings of Dr.Samuel Christian Friedrick Hahnemann in her hometown Sultanpur Lodhi, Distt. kapurthala, Punjab. Her successful career is due to her adorable parents who always encouraged her to go ahead on the path of holy healing art of treatment. The Homeopathy and supported her whenever she faced obstacles in this journey.

She passed her graded degree in 2002 and secured first position in her college and in her PG homeopathy in London, She again stood first and was presented GOLD MEDAL by Mr. Tunkard Hahnemann, the  7th Generation Grandson of MASTER SAMUEL CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICK HAHNEMANN, the founder of homoeopathy. This is really a great blessing to her by the almighty and it seems as if Master Hahnemann is there to bless her.
She has always been blessed with real teachers who taught her the art of classical homeopathy .In due course of time,she was acquainted with devoted physicians to this science and now there is a team of best homeopathic physicians in this hospital, whose only mission is to restore the sick to health as directed by Dr.Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy and secondly  to give free clinical training to the students,our future homeopaths……………….


In year 1972,my grandmother Mrs. Pritam Kaur got a serious disease ,she lost the power to taste and was diagnosed CA Tongue by a renowned Allopathic physician and declared that soon it may spread to esophagus and surgery is the only treatment. On the way back to home my father bought a newspaper as he is in the habit of reading newspaper daily and in the newspaper he came across an advertisement by Grace Medical Mission, Kerala which claimed to cure every serious disease with Homeopathic System of Medicine and offered a one year basic course in homeopathy.It is their own novel way to spread Homeopathy in other states of India.As per terms and conditions of the advertisement my father sent his mother’s case to Kerala,after 2 weeks they prescribed medicine for grandmother and sent study material for my father.Believe it within a month my grandmother was well with homeopathic medicine worth Rs.1 and regain the power to taste.


As GOD wanted to give direction and an aim to my life,and a homeopathic doctor to a society,so my Grandmother got the disease and through her disease we familiarised with Great Science Homeopathy.
Taking the sweet pills offered by my father for every little ailment during my childhood when I was in 2nd I decided and told everyone that one day I will be best homeopathic doctor and will cure incurable diseases.
God gave me the big dream and The same God blessed me with lovable parents and great teachers as the power agents who build muscles to my creative abilities and shaped my life with their valuable guidance.


1. My parents…………..are my first teachers.
My father studied my every book with me and built lots of confidence in me and my mother always taught me to trust in God and follow the right path. My parents planted the seeds of a thought process in me that guided me to choose the best in my life. I learnt from them that……Everything can be sacrificed for Truth but Truth can’t be sacrificed for anything.

2. My first school teacher…..master Hajara singh ji.
I learnt first alphabet from him and he introduced me to GURUBANI and teach me to recite GURUBANI daily.

3. Late sh. P.N. Gujral………My sen.sec.teacher.
He showed me the real potential which I had.
He taught me that with hard work we can achieve everything and ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ word from my dictionary was deleted because of him. Certainly A good teacher is like a candle …who lit himself to light the way of others’’

4. Late Sh.Rattan Singh Ji………….
The founder of Kalyan Homeopathic Medical College, Tarntaran, Punjab. Late Sh.Rattan Singh Ji wanted to to see his son as successful homeopath, but it was not destined,his only son lost his life with electric shock. But he didn’t lose hope, he founded a college where so many daughters and sons got opportunity to be Homeopaths. I got chance to learn this great science from him.
I learnt one thing from his life …….
If life gives you hundred reasons to cry ,you can give life thousands reasons to smile.

5. Late Dr. M.L. Aggarwal ji…………
I learnt a lot from him about repatriation .He taught me in which cases LM potency is best.
From his way of living I learnt that a doctor must be down to earth even if he reaches the heights of success.

6. Dr.S.S.Suman………
My adorable teacher who taught me a lot in homoeopathy and build confidence in me. He is the person from him I learnt that nothing in life is to be feared it is only to be understood.

7. Dr.J.B.D.Castro ji and Dr.Meera Castro ji…….

I got opportunity to sit in their feet to learn homoeopathy and moral values to live a successful and happy life. I learnt from them.. If you stand for a reason, be prepared to stand alone like a tree. If you fall on the ground fall as a seed that grows back to fight again.

8. Dr.Andrew ward…..
My teacher under whose guidance I passed Vitholcus Video Course at Reagents College London. He contributed a lot to my professional education.

9. Dr.A.M.Rajput………
I got chance to work in his surgery at Leytonstone,east London.He is very competent physician in homoeopathy in uk.
I learnt from him…….never gave up even if circumstances are not favourable.have faith on God and yourself.

10. Dr.S.M.Sharma……
He is well known homeopathic doctor of Uk and Principal of Hahnemann college of Homeopathy,London, where I did my PG in homeopathy in year.He always taught us in college to practice true homeopathy as guided by Master Hahnemann.

11. Dr.Subrata Kumar Banerjea……
I am lucky enough to have opportunity to join materia medica classes of Dr. Subrata K.Banerjea, at Allen college of homeopathy, Chelmsford, Essex, London. I learnt from him that wherever you may reach with your knowledge, but never forget your birth place and people over there. He comes to India 4 times a year and spend a lot of time and money for the poor.

12. Dr. Narender D.Mehta…….
My Teacher, Friend, Guru and Guide. I learnt from him to work hard and just work hard. Have faith on your abilities and trust on God as God help those who help themselves.

13. My Great Sir…..Dr.Samuel Christian Friedrick Hahnemann.
He is always with me in the form of his valuable books. His 7th generation Grandson Mr.Tunkard Hahnemann has honoured me and my daughter Sukhmit with gold medal and certificate on the graduation ceremony at House of Lords, London. On that day I feel as if Dr.Hahnemann is so close to me, I feel blessed one.

My sir, Sir Samuel Christian Friedrick Hahnemann never lived in vain ……who taught to speak the truth…….and dare to be wise.