Our Mentors….

Master Hahnemann

Dr. Boenninghausen

Dr. J. T. Kent

Short History of Homeopathy.

The great discovery to restore the sick to health ,to treat the patient and not the disease was given to this world by Dr.Samuel Christian Friedrick Hahnemannabout 200 years ago. He discovered how to keep a man healthy without killing the poor bacteria or virus and by just making the already existing IMMUNE SYSTEM healthy.He showed us how by just a small stimulus,we can reverse the process that can cause disease. According to him all the diseases a man suffer from are certainly due to three processes at the genetic level whom he named as miasm. This is the greatest ever discovery by any living being on this earth since life began.He devoted his life for the cause of medical profession and to make it a noble system of treatment. Other masters ……….like Dr. Constantine Hering, Dr.Boenninghausen , Dr. James Tylor Kent and many more contributed a lot and took this science to new heights. Now a days Homeopathy is the only science which can cure hopeless cases , genetic disorders if medicine prescribed according to the teachings of Dr. Hahnemann ,the founder of homeopathic system of medicine.



Myths and facts….

Homeopathy is being accused in many ways. It is generally believed to be a slow acting method of treatment and takes long time to cure a disease. Some remarked that it is only meant for children and can not be useful for adults; others said it is useful only for children and women’s not for gents. More said that it is useful for chronic diseases and not for acute diseases or emergencies. Yet more said it is only a faith cure. A few especially those engaged in scientific research work remarked that is has only a placebo effect. If you ask them if they have tried homeopathy the answer is always NO. How can one know the taste of pudding until one eats it. Those who sneer at Homeopathy are those who have not even an iota of knowledge about. They sneer at it because others did so. Certain people think that taking homeopathic treatment is an insult. Many time we hear the educated people asking other educated one – “Are you, even though an educated person, taking homeopathic medicine. Most of the educated people keep their ‘taking homeopathic treatment’ a secret for fear of being insulted.